Why I Started This Project

I was in a Barnes & Noble some years ago, and the store had recently released its B&N Classics series. If you are familiar with the store, you will know them as the really fancy republications of classic pieces of literature, like Dracula, To Kill A Mockingbird, and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. (Three of my favorite books, by the way.)

As I browsed through the display, admiring the specimens, I came across The Bible as one of the texts. Honestly, it was beautiful: brown leather cover, gold leaf-tipped pages, the works. I began to causally read through it—I think I got as far as the fifth day in Genesis before my mom called me over. During that brief moment, though, I realized that, although I had read the Children’s Illustrated Bible my mom had given me when I was little, that’s obviously not the whole story.

Although that was the seed for my idea, the direct event that inspired this project was reading Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon (chock full of Bible names and references) and realizing that English literature in general has so many Biblical references, so why not try to save some Wikipedia time and read the thing myself?

I guess I’m also arrogant enough, as a member of the Internet generation, to believe that other people might be interested in reading my thoughts.