Q: You’re an agnostic. Why are you even reading the Bible if Christianity doesn’t really matter to you?
Some people who criticize the Bible—and some people who praise it—haven’t actually read the whole thing. As an English teacher, I know this is bad practice: you can’t tell me you hate or love a book if all you’ve done is look at the Spark Notes. *drops mic*

Anyway, while I am approaching this text with an open mind, I also have no expectation of being converted. Still, you never know—there isn’t a saint with my first name yet!

Q: But what’s the point? Hasn’t the Bible been analyzed to death already?
A: Of course it has. I’d just rather do it myself. And I miss writing literary analysis papers when I was an English major back in college, so this is a chance to flex my writing muscles. 🙂

Q: How often do you post?
A: I don’t have a consistent schedule that I’ve promised to stick to. However, I have a handful of posts lined up, though, and right now they are scheduled to go live every other day.

Q: What specific version of the Bible will you be reading?
A: I will be using the standard King James Bible from this site.

Q: Have you ever considered reading other religious texts?
A: Yes, I have! (I’ve already read the Bhagavad Gita, which I enjoyed.) Those could be sequel projects to this one…

Q: Are you associated with ETA, the Basque nationalist and separatist group?
A: Nope.

Q: Did you know about ETA, the Basque nationalist and separatist group, before doing this project?
A: Nope. I was aware of Basque separatism, though. Geopolitics, man.